MailShelf provides extensive search functions for the fastest results possible so whenever you need to search for specific emails, MailShelf will find them for you in no time.

The integrated full-text search allows you to search for specific emails with specific criteria. You just need to to enter your search string and to select the sections of the emails that should be searched for.

Every single part of the emails can be searched so you will be able to search for your search string in the subject of the emails, message body, headers, attachments, sender adresses, recipient addresses, reply-to addresses, carbon copy addresses (CC) or blind carbon copy addresses (BCC).

To achieve better search results and to further refine your search, MailShelf provides you extensive additional features.

You can simply select where you want to search for. Would you like to search for in your whole archive or would you just like to search for in a specific archive of a specific email address? You totally have the choice.

You can even just search in a specific folder of an archive and you can specify a specific date range so that the search is only restricted to those emails that were received or sent in the specified time period.

MailShelf knows no limits when it comes to search for specific emails because you can also filter emails to be found by attachments, their message size and/or their message tags.

Each available search option can freely be combined with each other so we promise that you will always get the best result.