MailShelf makes it incredibly easy to automatically archive your emails on a schedule so you don't need to manually archive your emails anymore which will save you a lot of time.

Would you like to automatically run the archiving of your emails every day, every week or every month? Or do you need to set a very specific trigger that covers specific needs? Specify it and MailShelf will take care of it.

MailShelf allows you to automatically archive your emails at a specific date and time or upon an event and even periodically.

Even if you need to add multiple triggers for a scheduled archiving task, MailShelf allows you to set as many triggers as you need allowing you being flexible as possible.

The best of all - Running your email archiving on a schedule is an automatic process that will be executed no matter if MailShelf is started or not.

After adding a trigger, you just have to ensure that your computer is running at the given date and time, MailShelf will do the rest.