Privacy and Security

MailShelf can help you to prevent malicious software from spreading to your systems that might be embedded within an archived email or in one of their attachments.

Spam is being sent daily and a lot of them also contain malicious software and/or links to malicious websites that could infect your whole infrastructure by just visiting the website.

MailShelf has extensive privacy and security related features that can help you to not become a victim of those emails.

You can choose to block remote content in HTML emails which will prevent downloading malicious scripts while viewing an archived email. If necessary, you can whitelist and/or blacklist specific email addresses and/or specific domain names.

You can also specify if a prompt should be displayed when clicking on a link in an email before you will get forwarded to this website so you can avoid visiting dangerous websites. Here, you can also whitelist and/or blacklist specific domain names.

Since a lot of malware is being distributed by email attachments, MailShelf can also protect you from dangerous file attachments by restricting the opening of file attachments and even whole file extensions.