MailShelf allows you to determine that emails that meet specific criteria are completely excluded from archiving and thus do not even find their way into the archive. This helps you save disk space and also keeps unwanted emails away.

You can blacklist email addresses, domain names, IP addresses, IP ranges, IP subnets and even whole countries by simply selecting them from a country list.

While blacklisting email addresses and domain names is very basic, blacklisting IP adresses, IP ranges and IP subnets allows you to further define your blacklist in order to achieve the best results possible.

To give you even more advanced features, you can also blacklist specific email headers meaning that an email with a specified header and/or header value won't be archived.

In addition to all that, MailShelf also allows you to blacklist domain extensions (TLDs) and to blacklist disposable email addresses and domain name of disposable email services (Trash Email).

You can add as many blacklist entries as you want, there is absolutely no limitation here.