With MailShelf, you are able to archive your emails in a breeze with very less effort.

MailShelf creates tamper-proof 1:1 copies of your emails in a compliant and secure way and stores them as RFC822 compliant data in a central and searchable email archive so you don't need to worry about your emails because your emails are always available and cannot be altered or modified after they have been archived.

You can archive any amount of data and any amount of emails so you are effectively protected against data loss and you also actively relieve your infrastructure.

MailShelf allows you to select the folders to be archived from the mailbox so you can either archive the whole mailbox or just some specific folders of the mailbox.

Unwanted emails, such as spam emails or other blacklisted emails can be excluded from archiving so you can keep your email archive clean by filtering those unwanted emails.

You can also exclude read emails from archiving or exclude emails from archiving that are older than a specific period and you can even choose what should be happen with emails that have already been archived.

If you wish to delete emails from your mailbox automatically after archiving them, you can easily do so with MailShelf. Even if you wish to delete archived emails after a specific period, e.g. one week after archiving, MailShelf will do it for you.

MailShelf supports dynamic archiving of your emails as well as static archiving of your emails, which means that you will have the choice if remote content of your emails should be embedded into the archived email or not.

If necessary, you can also tell MailShelf that it should allow email duplicates in the archive.

With MailShelf, you are also able to archive S/MIME encrypted emails and to set retention rules for archived emails.

MailShelf is clearly structured and it allows you to easily access an email that has been archived. Also, it provides you with a variety of features and options to manage your email archive conveniently and easily.

You can choose to save emails from the archive to a local RFC822 compliant .eml file or Microsoft Outlook compliant .msg file and you can export specific emails or even the whole archive to another location or to another server.

Emails can also moved to another folder of the email archive and you can also print or delete emails. If you are searching for a specific phrase within an email, you can also search for it and MailShelf will highlight the result for you so you will always find what you are looking for.

If you need to tag emails with a specific keyword or flag, you can mark them with just a click.

When viewing an email, MailShelf offers you to choose between the different email parts that should be displayed, the HTML part, the plain text part, the source code part of the email as well as the email headers.